Tips and Tricks

So you’re a drop out? Or a lost graduate? Or just reading this because you have a bit of time? Well this is the post for you. I guess I’ve been all three of these things, recently. And as a result, I’ve developed a few handy tips and tricks to help you out. Here we go!       1. Do not rush into a Postgraduate course I beg you. If there is one thing you take away from this post it is to just take some time before you work out your plans for the next year. I know so many people who went into a postgrad course- either a masters or a PGCE just because it means they don’t have to think about “the real world” for another year. In the words of Shia Labeouf- Just Do It! Apply for jobs, take a gap year, take some time away from the academic world if you are not 1000% sure you NEED to do a postgrad course!
2      2. Do not compare yourself to others! This week I stumbled upon an old classmates Instagram account and it turns out that she is the editor of a magazine… As an avid writer I was grinch-gr…

Radio Silence

The minute after I hit send on the email stating my intention to withdraw from university there was radio silence. I sat rigid, stunned at what I had done. I'm the person who plans everything, I write a to-do list almost everyday and I even had a countdown set to how many days of each placement I had left until my course had finished. But at that moment, I had no plan. 
Over the next week I cried a lot. I was uncertain of what was going to happen next. But the thought of the unknown made me smile. Yes, even nearly three weeks on, I'm still terrified of what will happen next, but I'm beginning to like this unknown. I still have my family, my partner, my degree. I have two jobs to pay my way. And I have more time to work on my creative passions. I love to write and draw and paint and sew and read and now I no longer spend each evening working on lesson plans (which I would only be later told looked like I had not put any effort into) I have time to revise these passions. 

A Fresh Start

Two weeks ago I did something I had thought about doing since the start of September- I dropped out of university. I quit my PGCE course. And you know what? I don't regret it. I haven't looked back since, well, except for handing in my library books. 

I had a few troubles with my course right from the start but I tried to put these aside and throw myself into this new year. I became a course rep and started my assignment early  (a definite first for me) and things were looking up. When I started placement I enjoyed getting to know the students and despite moving schools I couldn't shift this feeling of being an impostor. I won't elaborate but in the end I decided that leaving the course would be the best thing for me to do. 

And it was. 

I felt instantly liberated. 

Since then I've got a job- it's not a career but it will pay the bills til I work something out. I did feel a sense of panic as soon as i pressed the withdraw button. I have been in education practicall…